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April 14 2015

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The effects of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on Images
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April 10 2015

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March 27 2015

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紫ムーンナイトワォッチ details

Parents say Vs. children do
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perfect life

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  • Eat” the damn Play-doh cookies.
  • Slurp the invisible soup.
  • Pretend that they’re not causing grievous bodily harm as they “brush” your hair.
  • Always be serious when asked what you’d like for dinner, and never say something silly like rabbit soup. Because they will go get their stuffed one off the bed, put it in your best pot, and fill said pot with water. Then place it on your desk.
  • Greet their make believe friends and ask how their day was.
  • Always kiss the teddy bear goodnight. It has feelings too.
  • Always pretend to die when they shoot you.
  • If you are having a fake war with them and you shoot them and they say they can’t die because they are invincible, you don’t shoot them again, because they are invincible.
  • Yes, their drawing does look like a butterfly, not a bunch of jumbled up lines.
  • Them pounding on the piano is the best thing you have ever heard.


no but seriously it’s very important to a child’s development to not be shut down by parents and other caregivers

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January 18 2015

Women are sharing their comebacks to instances of everyday sexism


and it’s amazing


but wait there’s moreimage

omg and then image

from (x)

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January 15 2015

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I’m glad I was able to meet you

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